We commissioned Michelle to do a painting of our grandson and his much loved rescue dog George for his birthday. We were delighted with the result as was he and the family.   His features were perfect, and George looking at his master, could see the love for each other.     Greta and Alf Fisher. 

“Michelle painted two portraits of my cats and one for my friend’s cat. She captured the characters of each cat as if she knew them and each portrait is telling their life story! It is so moving to have my furry friends painted in such a loving way with beautiful techniques.” Harumi

“Kuro” in oil
“Gin” in oil

Michelle is a very talented artist. She painted our Burmese cat, Bella recently and we are thrilled with the result. She sent ‘work in progress’ videos of the painting which we appreciated and enjoyed. We would highly recommend her services to all pet lovers. Linda

Michelle’s oil painting looks like a photo of our much loved golden retriever Eddie. She has captured his smiley face and twinkling eyes perfectly. Michelle sent us as videos as she progressed through her painting. These were wonderful… the kids loved seeing the process and the layering of paint to create Eddies fur.
Thank you Michelle… you are very talented. – Kim

Michelle is a good listener and very good at interpreting the sort of look and feel that I wanted for the painting commissioned for my mother’s 80th birthday. Michelle managed to capture exactly the sort of look mum appreciates and when her gifted painting was presented to her she was immediately taken by the beauty of it and said, ‘it has all the colours I love’. – Tania

“Nacho” (30cm x 40cm). Oil on Belgium Linen Panel Board. Commission.

“Today picked up Nachos painting from framing so thought I will share a photo with you.

I’m so grateful for capturing him on a canvas he looks so real and that expression in his eyes its true him. Absolutely loving it and can’t stop looking at it.

Thank you again and wish you lovely Christmas and fabulous New Year. ”  -Kate Oleksow

“When our family decided to commission a painting the only artist we would consider for this was Michelle who is not only a very dear friend but also knows us and our family and values. I have always loved Michelle’s paintings; the technique and colours and attention to detail.

This painting is a snapshot of a waterhole up at the Tairua River in the Coromandel. My husband’s parents camped and holidayed there and when later married bringing their children every summer. My husband first introduced me to ‘his’ special place 30 years ago and our children have grown up swimming here every summer. It is a very special place for all of our extended family and we continue to build wonderful memories and hope that our children will also to bring their families here.

Michelle and her family visited ‘The River’ with us on a cold wet day as Michelle wanted to see and hear the water moving…capture the light playing on the rocks and experience the solitude. She watched us in the space.

Michelle then created this painting for us and we are immediately transported to this lovely place. She has captured a family moment and it is beautiful. We are delighted and grateful to her for her passion and commitment. ”  –Colin and Karrenne

Sold. “Favourite Water Hole” (60cm x 70cm). Oil on Stretched With Love Canvas.

“My favourite painting of all time is a watercolour that Michelle did of my children whilst playing on Narrow Neck beach. Despite the loose lines and carefree technique it captures the very essence on my two and even now, years later, I remain mesmerised as to how the simple interaction of colour can so accurately reflect the personalities of two people. Michelle’s talent is undeniable.”  –Caroline

Michelle did a water colour painting of our daughter doing ballet and it captures the essence of her in a way that no photograph could ever do. Our daughter learnt ballet for many years and to have this part of her life depicted in a painting that we have framed and on the wall is very special. Michelle is particularly skilled with water colours, her years of study and practise with this medium are really evident. – Tania

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